How do I log into the website?

This is my first experience with Investing Daily. How do I log into the services I purchased?

(If you’ve previously subscribed to other Investing Daily services and logged into those ID websites, and you used that same email address when you purchased any additional services, that same email address and password will automatically work for your new services as well.)

If you’ve never logged into an Investing Daily website before, you’ll need to register with Investing Daily and create a password.

Within two days of subscribing you should receive an email from us with your new account number. If, for some reason, you don’t have that information, please call our Customer Service Department at (800) 832-2330 during regular business hours.

Once you have your account number and email address ready,

  1. Go to the Investing Daily “Access your account” page
  2. Enter your Account Number
  3. Enter the Last Name that you used as you subscribed
  4. Enter the Email Address that you used as you subscribed
  5. Create a Password, and then enter it a second time to be sure
  6. Click the green “Register Account” button
  7. You’re now registered and ready to log into your new website. To find that website, click once on the “my Investing Daily” graphic on the black bar at the top left of this site. Then click on any of the “My Premium Services” you wish.
  8. To log in to the new website, enter your email address and new password
  9. Click the yellow “Log In” button.

It is important that you use the same email address when registering that you used when you subscribed.

This is the Investing Daily account access page. 
Enter your account information and set up your password here.

If you need more help with this process, contact our Customer Service Department during regular business hours. Our phone number is (800) 832-2330 and our email address is CustomerService  @

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