How can I get text-message Trade Alerts?

How can I receive Trade Alerts via text message to my mobile phone?

Text Trade Alerts are currently available for our most active premium trading services. By opting into text alerts, you will receive them for all of these services that you subscribe to.

To activate text Trade Alerts:

  • Log into the website and click My Account on the black bar at top-right
  • In My Account, click the Notifications tab
  • If you need to enter your mobile number for the first time, click change on the Mobile Phone field and enter your number
  • Scroll down to your product(s) that you want to receive alerts on and make sure the 'SMS' icon is checked for Notifications & Trade Alerts. Click on the icon to turn alerts on or off. 

If ever you want to stop the Trade Alert texting service, either

  • Delete your mobile phone number from the Mobile Phone field described above.
  • Or, the next time you receive a texted Alert, text back STOP and our texting vendor will block your number so that you don’t receive Trade Alert text messages. But don’t delete that text thread — when you want to begin getting the Trade Alert text messages again, text back START and our texting vendor will unblock your mobile phone number so that you’ll resume receiving Trade Alert texts.

Independent of text alerts, you will continue to receive Trade Alerts through email unless you turn those off on the Notifications page within My Account.

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