What is Jim Fink’s seasonality app?

What is the Ten-Year Seasonality Indicator App?

This amazing software application, developed especially for Jim Fink’s Options for Income and Velocity Trader services by a generous long-term member, is unavailable anywhere else. With this software, you can quickly look up a stock selection’s ten-year price history and find out its value in a seasonal context. If a certain stock usually gains in value during a certain time of the year, the Seasonality App will give you that information.

Watch Jim Fink using the Seasonality Navigator to see if you’d like to try it.

A User’s Guide is built into the app. Simply press F1 to get to it.

Please note that the Seasonality Indicator is intended for PCs, not Macs.Some Apple-based members successfully use this workaround:

  1. Download the free WineBottler tool from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org
  2. Install by dragging wine and winebottler to Applications
  3. Start winebottler
  4. Pick advanced, rightmost tab
  5. Under program to install pick the seasonality3 that you downloaded
  6. Radio button should be set to this is an installer
  7. Bottom right click install
  8. After the install make sure the program to be run by winebottler is correct
  9. By default it’s the uninstall so change to the exe

As an Options for Income and/or Velocity Trader member, you are welcome to use the app for your personal trading. Keep in mind that historical price patterns are unstable and could be temporary and coincidental. There is no guarantee that future price patterns will mimic the past.

Important Setup Change

Starting with version 3.0, the Seasonality Navigator uses a new source for historical stock closing prices. The historical stock data is free, but you need an account. Go to www.tiingo.com and create an account.

After you create an account, you’ll get an email. Click on the link in the email to confirm your email address.

Then go to https://api.tiingo.com/docs/general/connecting to get your Authorization Token. Copy and paste that token into the app when it asks for it.

If you already have a Tiingo Authorization Token for the VT Seasonal Velocity Scanner, you don’t need to get a second one for the OFI Seasonality Navigator.

Note: Be sure to read the italicized download notes below.

The left-hand side of the seasonality app is a summary table of how each stock ticker symbol has per-formed over the past 10 years between the date in the top-left corner (which is adjustable) and the options expiration date over the next six months. The numbers are between 0 and 100 and represent the percentage of years where the stock rose in value. Consequently, the number “70″ means that the stock rose between the start date and a particular month’s options expiration date in seven of the past ten years.

The right-hand side of the seasonality app shows the specific rates of return each stock has generated during each year of the past 10 years between the start date and each month’s option expiration date. The detailed rates of return offered on the right-hand side of the app are useful for determining the strength of the seasonality. A stock that has generated double-digit percentage rates of return in all of its up years is a better bet to continue generating positive returns in future time periods than a stock that has generated 0.4 percent rates of return in many of its up years.

Frequency of gains (left-hand side of app) and strength of gains (right-hand side of app) are both important components of seasonality analysis.

Download the user guide here

Download Notes:

  1. The software is an .exe file so your browser may warn you about downloading harmful applications from the internet. If you receive a warning or a popup you may click to accept in order to download this install file. This software is NOT infected with a virus.
  2. This application will only run on a Windows PC. 
  3. Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of today’s antivirus software, false positives can be detected for any legitimate software. A false positive detection occurs when antivirus software checks a string of code in an uninfected application and matches it with a known string in a virus, but this does not necessarily mean the segment of code is malicious. The developer and system administrator have scanned the Seasonality3 application to 56 known antivirus and malware programs and found only 3 out of 56 false positives have been reported. We are confident this application is safe to use and are currently reaching out to the three vendors to dispute the false positives.

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