Can I enter old trades?

As a new member, should I enter old trades or wait for new ones?

Most new members wait for new Trade Alerts. Options for Income (OFI) trades come out every Thursday and Velocity Trader (VT) trades come out every Tuesday except for on major holidays. 

When looking at the homepage, please note that each trade is labeled as either New Trades or Rolls next to the Alert date. New members should NOT use the Rolls to initiate new trades. Rolls are only relevant after you've been in the service for a few months and have older positions that need to be "rolled".

If you aren’t able to immediately trade an OFI Alert with the other members because your options account isn’t ready, for example, don’t worry: OFI put credit spread trades can be initiated exactly as written any time within eight market days after they’re posted.  Please read about Jim's8-Day Fill Rule before entering an order.

VT trades, however, are much shorter term and should probably be avoided if you're not able to get into them in the first two trading days after the Alert is issued.

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