Why didn’t I receive a Trade Alert?

I didn’t get a Trade Alert in my email, or I didn’t receive a text alert on my mobile phone for a trade. What happened?

Rest assured that Investing Daily faithfully sends out emails and texts to every subscriber who is set up to receive them. If you did not receive a Trade Alert in the way you expected, and you believe other members did, here are some things to consider:


  1. Log In to My Account and look at the Notifications tab. Make sure that you have a green checkmark to receive emailed notifications and alerts for the service in question.
  2. Your email program may have marked a much-anticipated Trade Alert as spam. To help ensure that the email alerts show up as expected in your inbox, see how to whitelist emails from Investing Daily.
  3. Occasionally Investing Daily’s email vendor “goes down” for a few hours. It’s also happened that Yahoo!, Google, and other providers “go down” for longer. We at Investing Daily can’t control such factors, but we do monitor them closely and will resend an email if we identify a bulk delivery problem.

SMS / Text

Text alerts are currently available only for our active trading services. See how to turn them on.

If you are no longer receiving text alerts to your mobile-phone, here are some things to consider:

  1. Log In to My Account and look at the Contact Info tab. Make sure that a correct mobile phone number is entered.
  2. You may turn off your Trade Alert texts by replying to the text with the word  STOP. But don’t delete that text thread. If you ever want to begin getting the Trade Alert text messages again, text back START and our texting vendor will unblock your mobile phone number so that you’ll resume receiving Trade Alert texts.

Still need help?

If you still don’t receive Alerts the way you expect, contact Investing Daily’s Customer Service Department at CustomerService  @  InvestingDaily.com or (800) 832-2330 during normal business hours.

Our friendly reps will check to make sure that Investing Daily has your correct email address and/or mobile phone number. Sometimes our Wealth Society accounts need special handling. The reps may also be able to help you track down the problem by sending you screenshots showing that the Alerts are at least leaving Investing Daily as expected.

Special Note: Investing Daily analysts usually send Trade Alerts only when there’s an action they want you to take. In the case of a successful conclusion of a spread options trade, for example, no Alert will be issued because this is a normal occurrence and members don’t need to take any action (except celebrating!).

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